Package org.gibello.zql

Interface Summary
ZExp A common interface for all SQL Expressions (ZQueries, ZExpressions and ZConstants are ZExps).
ZStatement ZStatement: a common interface for all SQL statements.

Class Summary
ZAliasedName A name/alias association
Names can have two forms: FORM_TABLE for table names ([schema.]table) FORM_COLUMN for column names ([[schema.]table.]column)
ZConstant ZConstant: a representation of SQL constants
ZDelete ZDelete: an SQL DELETE statement.
ZExpression ZExpression: an SQL Expression An SQL expression is an operator and one or more operands Example: a AND b AND c -> operator = AND, operands = (a, b, c)
ZFromItem ZFromItem: an SQL FROM clause (example: the FROM part of a SELECT...FROM).
ZGroupBy ZGroupBy: an SQL GROUP BY...HAVING clause
ZInsert ZInsert: an SQL INSERT statement
ZLockTable ZLockTable: an SQL LOCK TABLE statement
ZOrderBy An SQL query ORDER BY clause.
ZqlParser ZqlParser: an SQL parser
ZQuery ZQuery: an SQL SELECT statement
ZSelectItem ZSelectItem: an item in the SELECT part of an SQL query.
ZTransactStmt ZTransactStmt: an SQL statement that concerns database transactions (example: COMMIT, ROLLBACK, SET TRANSACTION)
ZUpdate ZUpdate: an SQL UPDATE statement.